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All personal information shared with Karan Car Rental that belongs to the customer such as name, address, contact number is confidential as we recognize the need to protect personal information and provide security to customers.

All personal information collected from the guest before and after the booking is not revealed to any third party except enquired under legal procedures by Govt Of India, in case of a subpoena, search warrant, or personal harm caused by the intention to any individual or property of others.

Karan Car Rental has ensured proper technology security features to safeguard the information from unauthorized access and improper use. It is a strict policy not to disclose any information that may concern customers or cause harassment.

Karan Car Rental will continue to enhance security features and proceed with more effective ways and systems to safeguard privacy policy for customers if there are changes with respect to privacy and policy it will be there self-published on our page under privacy and policies with valid effective and end date.

Thanks for being part of Karan Car Rental, in case of any more, douts clarification feel free to write us at - karanscab@gmail.com